We've Hit the Ground Running!

School started a couple weeks ago and we are moving at full speed!  We started off this month by playing board games in the residence halls as the students moved in.  That way, we talked with every freshman that came through the doors on those nights.  Quite a few of them came back and are now involved in our small groups! 

Board game night in the freshman residence halls!

My small group (also known as a core, because it's the core of the ministry), started meeting two weeks ago.  The students that showed up were a mix of freshman we met that first week, international students who have been in the US just a few weeks, students who were involved in our ministry last year and a few girls who brought friends.  After knowing each other for only two weeks, these girls are already making meals for the sick members of the group and studying the Bible together.  I'm so proud of them and super excited for everything that God is going to do with and through us!

Ally (who is studying the Bible with me 😊) making a meal for a sick friend in core

Juhee and I working on pronunciation for her communication assignment

Some of my small group girls!  From left to right, Juhee, me, Ally, Ada (who co-leads the group with me) Monica and Winny 

Our large group meetings also started two weeks ago and it's amazing to see a couple hundred college students give up their Friday night to worship God.  I'm super blessed that I get to be a part of this.

I have a couple prayer requests for this month.  First, please pray for the sweet girls that have gotten to come to our core.  I would love it if every one of these girls got to know God better through this group and developed close friendships. 

Secondly. please pray for anyone on campus who still feels lonely.  On a campus of over 25,000 students, I know we have not been able to reach all of them, and I know that the first few months of college can be a tough time.  So please pray that anyone who does not yet have friends will find Christian community with people who love them.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers! 


  1. What a sweet group of young ladies you have there! I am encouraged to see what God is doing at UTD, and I pray for all the students on all our campuses who are feeling lonely and lost. It is so easy to feel overlooked, but I know that FOCUS people are there searching for people who need friends and Christian community.


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