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Beginning and Deepening Relationships

Winter Camp was a huge success! We had hundred of students from campuses all over the DFW metroplex come worship God for four days in a row. Each day we had one or two sessions with worship before and a guest speaker, John Stackhouse from Regent University. The talks were incredibly powerful and if you're interested in checking them out, they're available here. (They're actually pretty short and inspirational. I'd most recommend the Sunday night one.) Two girls from our small group (Wulan and Nathalie) came, and the four of us (two of them plus Ada and I) were able to grow a lot closer together.

This is during one of our worship services at camp (If you want to hear the songs we sang all during camp, here's a Spotify playlist of the whole thing!)

John Stackhouse speaking at Winter Camp 
We had a particularly bonding experience at the Sunday night service. Every few years, we do a lament service at Winter Camp, where we give people space to grieve things they've…