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Week One on Staff!!!!

As of July 26th, I am officially ordained to do campus ministry and  I could not be more excited!!! After a summer spent preparing, fundraising, listening to lectures on Biblical theology and nailing down living arrangements, I have finally made an official commitment to the entire FOCUS community to serve them for the next ten months.  So if anyone wants to elope, I'm available to perform the wedding ceremony.  Please hit me up.

An excellent picture of the back of our (me and my fellow apprentices) heads as we get ordained
The first part of our ordination ceremony transcript 
All of the apprentices except me (because I had to go present my final project for engineering school - I'm finally done with my bachelor's forever, yay!)
Following our ordination ceremony, we kicked this school year off with a four day staff retreat.  Each morning of staff retreat, we did a walk and talk with one other member of the 36-person team, just so we could get to know them better.  After th…