March update/exciting life update!

Hi all! I have exciting news I'd like to share with you, but before I get to that, I wanted to give you the background. This goes all the way back to late high school, but I'll be quick. Scroll to the bottom if you want the news without the pictures. 😉 (Also, if you're new to my email list or blog, they're usually a lot more specific to ministry, but I'm making an exception. Check out previous blog posts if you want to know more about my ministry!)

My senior year, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and I had two options. I either wanted to study Bible at Liberty University in Virginia to do some sort of ministry or study math at UTD to be a math teacher.

I entered a random drawing for a huge scholarship at Liberty and I won. So it seemed like my choice was made! I made plans to move to Virginia. But at the last minute (like in July - literally the last minute) the scholarship fell through and I was devastated. By that fall, it was clear that I woul…

February Update

Hi all.
This month has been an intense one for our ministry. Over the break, we had a lot of students just making some sinful decisions, and it has all been coming out slowly since we got back to school. I'm here to ask for your prayers.

In December, several students sinned and gradually confessed these things over the next few months. This has happened plenty of times before in college ministry, but it seemed to be more than usual. In response, the staff decided that we wanted to hit it with everything we've got. We're doing a sermon series on sin and confession, we talked about it in the leader meeting, we are having them lead small groups around the topic, and everyone is instructed to go through 1 John 1:5-10 with anyone who studies with them one-on-one, confessing their own sins and asking other people to do the same.

I do want to note, though, that we are not entirely discouraged. In any given group of college students, there are always students sinning in the areas …

January Update

Hi all! Happy New Year!

I wanted to give you a couple updates from this last month. For starters, we wrapped up the year with an awesome Christmas party, which included a fort building competition. Our igloo fort (pictured below, but not very well...) was actually adorable, and apparently it didn't win because it was too short. But it's fine, we're preparing for a comeback next year.

Maserati, me, Hailey, Lauren, Miranda, Jasa and Vanessa with our igloo fort
Same peeps being weirdos. Love them all.
Since then, we've all been on break, and I got to go to Colorado to visit my family. It was lovely and snowy and I'd missed them a lot so it was great to see them. 
The whole fam: parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, boyfriend. It was a good time.
Finally, we started off this semester with our annual all staff retreat. We spent the four days together hanging out, doing worship and in Q&A sessions with Brady and Shirley Bobbink who have been working in campus min…

December update

Today, December 3rd, is our annual Keep FOCUS Growing fundraiser! We do it every year on giving Tuesday, because Facebook uses that day to waive all transactions fees for online donations. We are trying to raise money for staff salary shortfalls, outreach budgets, supplies, administrators and much more. Some generous donors have agreed to match up to a total of $36,000 in donations to the FOCUS ministry today only. If that's something you'd like to participate in, please go to our Facebook page and donate. Also, if you're reading this before 1:30, I'll be going live on Facebook at that time to tell you more about it! 

In other news, the Collin ministry is still going amazingly and I'm loving it. I wanted to give you a specific few highlights from this month. I would also like to formally apologize because I am terrible at remembering to take pictures of people. 
1. I'm finishing a Focus on Jesus study with my sweet and incredibly faithful friend Lauren. I'm…

November Update

Ministry is great and I have so much to be thankful for, but honestly, it's also pretty rough sometimes and this month, I have a lot of prayer requests. I want to tell you about what God's been teaching me, a few great blessings, and then share some more difficult things.

First, something God's been teaching me about - suffering for the sake of Christ
This is an ongoing discussion we've been having as a staff team. My biggest question was, what if my life is just going great? Does that mean I'm not following God well? I've been praying about it and earlier this month I feel like God answered me. There were several days back to back when I felt particularly burdened by other people's struggles. And I realized that that is part of suffering for Christ. We should put ourselves in situations where we risk getting hurt sometimes if we're doing it to love other people. And I don't say that to preach at you. It was a pretty shocking realization to me, beca…

October Update

Guys, Collin is great. I get to work with some amazing people and these students are lovely and my core girls are magic. Also the weather is finally cooler, so basically all is right in the world. This month, I wanted to tell you about fall camp and also introduce you to a few girls I'm studying with.

Fall camp happened a few weekends ago. This is a 24 hour event where the students come together to worship, listen to talks, hang out, play games, have small group discussion, and basically just build relationships with each other for the couple days we're there. This year, two of our core girls, Lauren and Hailey came.
Hailey, me, Vanessa, and Lauren
We ended up essentially combining forces with Shannon and Claire (two student leaders that I get to help mentor this year) because they had a small group too. I think the girls really got to bond with each other, we had some neat conversations about the importance of community and I am looking forward to seeing these relationships k…

September Update

Hi all! It's been a busy month! School started two weeks ago, and we've concentrated our efforts on just being on campus, being as visible as possible and meeting as many new students as possible. I got to meet a ton of new girls and invited them all to our small groups or our large group meetings. This is what our welcome week looked like.

Meeting people during welcome week

Volleyball at the campus apartments on Wednesday
Welcome week event schedule. We gave these flyers out to as many students as we could.
On Thursday, we kicked off our large group meetings and tons of new people came! The room was packed, and I was able to spend the evening with four different girls, all of whom attended a small group the next week.

Thursday night Fellowship meeting
The last couple of things we kicked off were core (or small groups) and peer team (a small group leader meeting.)
Our core was on Wednesday night. I get to lead with Vanessa, who is one of the sweetest humans on the planet and i…