April Update

What a crazy month it's been. I hope all of you are staying home and staying healthy. I think during this time it's both sad to see the state of the world and encouraging to see how people take care of each other. Thankfully, my experience in the ministry at Collin FOCUS has been almost entirely the latter. It is still a really strong season and I'm so blessed by the girls I work with. We've continued with our same schedule and groups, but we've switched everything to virtual. So basically I'm now a Zoom expert, as are all of you I'm sure. Here are a few specific pictures and updates on what we've been doing.

Virtual peer team meeting with our small group leaders Claire, Vanessa, Shannon. I've definitely mentioned them before. They're still pretty cool.

Both of these are from the same core meeting, it was just on Google Meet, which only allows you to see four people at a time. But aren't they all so cute? Ugh I love these girls. 
Meredithe, Vanessa, Hannah, Lauren, Maserati, Jasa, Kasey and Hailey

These are samples of our social distancing outreach challenge, put together by Pedro and Adriana, some of our awesome Collin ministers. The challenges led to some really neat conversations with many different people! 

The Collin students are also staying connected via a Discord server, which is brand new and very confusing technology to me, but hey, people are connecting, continuing to develop their relationships with God, and generally having fun!

Our twice-annual Pizza Theology event (usually one day with four hours of theology teaching and a Pizza dinner in the middle) is still happening! It's just livestreamed and BYOP (pizza). Excited to see how it goes! 

I could include here another dozen pictures of our virtual events: staff meetings, Thursday night large group, movie watching and game parties, various one on one video chats, and more. But I won't only because I totally forgot to take any of those pictures. 

What's so encouraging to me about all this is that God has not stopped working even in this crazy time. People are still meeting, they're still developing relationships, and they're still maturing as disciples. Praise him that we live in a time when so much is possible because of technological advances, and praise him that he is not restricted by a virus. 

Prayer requests this month are 
1) For our annual spiritual leadership conference in Washington state in June. If we have to cancel, many students are going be very disappointed and would miss out on an important learning opportunity, so we hope that that doesn't happen. But of course, if it does, God knows what he's doing. Prayers that our staff would make a wise decision there are appreciated.
2) That people don't slip through the cracks just because they're isolated in their house, but that we'd be able to reach them. 
3) That God continues to work like he has been and we are able to continue making and maturing disciples for him. 

Thank you all who have supported us for so long, and for those of you who continue to support us (whether financially or by prayer) during this time. 
Love you all!



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