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Karaoke, Skits, Sermons and More!

Our year ended with a couple big events. First, we had one last Christmas themed outreach event we dubbed Christmas carol-oke. We had a live band set up in the middle of campus and invited people to come karaoke to Christmas songs. Our hope was mainly to just get our name out there and to build some friendships with UTD students we may not meet otherwise. It went great, and all the students had a lot of fun!

My new small friend Jackson and I dancing to Christmas songs at carol-oke

To wrap up the year for the students, we had our annual Christmas party. The UTD apprentices - me, Emily McDonald, Darby and Drew - were in charge of planning the party. We settled on a beach theme, and every year, we encourage the student small groups to put together a short skit or song to perform in front of everyone.

Ada's and my core + Meg and Andrea's core in our skit attire

A video of our core skit! 

In addition to each core doing a skit, the UTD staff also gets together and does a skit, so he…