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October Update

Guys, Collin is great. I get to work with some amazing people and these students are lovely and my core girls are magic. Also the weather is finally cooler, so basically all is right in the world. This month, I wanted to tell you about fall camp and also introduce you to a few girls I'm studying with.

Fall camp happened a few weekends ago. This is a 24 hour event where the students come together to worship, listen to talks, hang out, play games, have small group discussion, and basically just build relationships with each other for the couple days we're there. This year, two of our core girls, Lauren and Hailey came.
Hailey, me, Vanessa, and Lauren
We ended up essentially combining forces with Shannon and Claire (two student leaders that I get to help mentor this year) because they had a small group too. I think the girls really got to bond with each other, we had some neat conversations about the importance of community and I am looking forward to seeing these relationships k…