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Fall is Finally Here!

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  With this beautiful weather, I've gotten to spend a lot more time outside talking to God.  One of the biggest things I've realized is just how grateful I am to be here doing ministry.  College is full of students with open hearts ready to receive Jesus, so thank you so much for your support as we reach out to them.

The biggest event this month was our annual Fall Camp. The whole UTD FOCUS community drove an hour away to hang out for roughly 24 hours together.  We worshiped, listened to talks about the importance of community, played sports, did crafts, and had a spontaneous dance party!  Seven girls from my core came, and we all got to know each other a lot better and shared about each of our experience in Christian community.  I'm really grateful that each of them is a part of my life.

My sweet core girls at Fall Camp!  Bottom row: Winnie, Juhee, Ally; top row: Sarah, me, Nathalie, Monica and Ada.  
One thing we've really …