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April updates

Another month has come and gone, and we're almost finished with the school year! It's crazy to me how fast it's flown by. This month, I wanted to ask you to pray for some of the girls in my core. I won't share their names, but I would love it if you could take the time to pray for them individually.

The first girl has been a consistent figure in our core all year. She is super friendly and has made an effort to get a lot more involved in the broader FOCUS community this year. Unfortunately, she's really been struggling with depression and anxiety and at times, it's really hindered her ability to be involved. I'd love prayer that God just completely takes away that burden from her.

The second one is studying Focus on Jesus (our one-on-one Bible study) with me. She asks great questions and is amazingly teachable, and we're almost finished with the study! She has also been super faithful in coming to core, but is learning how to balance spending time with …