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September Update

Hi all! It's been a busy month! School started two weeks ago, and we've concentrated our efforts on just being on campus, being as visible as possible and meeting as many new students as possible. I got to meet a ton of new girls and invited them all to our small groups or our large group meetings. This is what our welcome week looked like.

Meeting people during welcome week

Volleyball at the campus apartments on Wednesday
Welcome week event schedule. We gave these flyers out to as many students as we could.
On Thursday, we kicked off our large group meetings and tons of new people came! The room was packed, and I was able to spend the evening with four different girls, all of whom attended a small group the next week.

Thursday night Fellowship meeting
The last couple of things we kicked off were core (or small groups) and peer team (a small group leader meeting.)
Our core was on Wednesday night. I get to lead with Vanessa, who is one of the sweetest humans on the planet and i…