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June Update!

We're officially done with the apprenticeship! It's pretty crazy, but I'm super excited to see what God does with us all next year.

We did something new this year. While half of our staff was at May SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry - the week long conference in Washington state), we hosted a Bible boot camp. Here, the students spent an entire week, 9-6 from Monday til Friday, reading and discussing the Old Testament. It was so neat! There were about 11 UTD students who showed up consistently throughout the week, and at the end of it, we had a lunch together and celebrated our new Biblical literacy. We hope to actually do another one in July with the New Testament, so I would love prayer that students continue to show up and that God blesses it!

Our Bible Boot Camp fam
On May 30th and 31st, to wrap up the apprenticeship, all of the apprentices this year gave sermons about our biggest takeaways. It was a pretty neat way to see how God had moved in and changed all o…