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Thank you!

This month, because we just had Thanksgiving, I want to take a minute and express how thankful I am to be working on a team with such amazing people. I don't have time to talk about everyone I'm thankful for, but here are just a few.

This is Wulan, and I am really proud of her. About halfway through this semester, she made a decision to make Christian community a priority in her life. And boy has she succeeded. She's been one of our most consistent core members since then. She came to Pizza Theology just to learn more about the story of the Bible (an incredible, but somewhat intimidating event with hundreds of students from around DFW), and she's faithfully come to study Genesis with me almost every Tuesday.

Here, on the left is Emily. I get to work with her and two other apprentices on the UTD campus. Emily has an incredible heart for people, and I'm so encouraged by the work she is doing. She leads a small group like mine, and it's so clear that everyone in he…