October Update

Guys, Collin is great. I get to work with some amazing people and these students are lovely and my core girls are magic. Also the weather is finally cooler, so basically all is right in the world. This month, I wanted to tell you about fall camp and also introduce you to a few girls I'm studying with.

Fall camp happened a few weekends ago. This is a 24 hour event where the students come together to worship, listen to talks, hang out, play games, have small group discussion, and basically just build relationships with each other for the couple days we're there. This year, two of our core girls, Lauren and Hailey came.
Hailey, me, Vanessa, and Lauren

We ended up essentially combining forces with Shannon and Claire (two student leaders that I get to help mentor this year) because they had a small group too. I think the girls really got to bond with each other, we had some neat conversations about the importance of community and I am looking forward to seeing these relationships keep developing! 

The two cores together
Esther, Moni, Shannon, Jordan, Lauren, 
Hailey, Claire. Vanessa, me

I am going to get more personal in a sec, but I wanted to give you a quick fundraising update. I'm really really close to fully supported, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm still looking for another $1,500 total, or like $187/month for the remaining months of this school year. So if you know anyone who might want to give, or you yourself would want to give or increase your current gift, that would be super lovely. 

Finally, I wanted to specifically introduce you to four girls that I'm studying with this year. I'm grateful to everyone who is in our core and who I've gotten to meet with, but these have stood out the last few weeks.

Lauren (pictured above in the fall camp photos), is an incredibly sweet, quiet girl who was randomly invited to FOCUS one night by a coworker. She rearranged her shifts to come, even though her coworker couldn't make it last minute and our fellowship meetings can be overwhelming, especially if you come by yourself. She's also come to every single core and has never failed to show up to a one-on-one with me. We're going through our one-on-one Bible study (Focus on Jesus or FOJ) together and she asks some great questions and has amazing observations. I really think God has some neat plans for her! (If you're interested in checking out our FOJ study, look at it here!!)

Hailey (also pictured above) has been part of the FOCUS family of churches her whole life, so she's known about and been involved for a while. But this is her freshman year and her first official year with FOCUS. She is similarly consistent to every single core meeting and one-on-one. We are actually going through the book, So You Want to be Like Christ together, because she finished FOJ back in high school. Hailey is faithfully early to everything, has been through so much, and has such a heart for God. 

Selina is someone I've actually known since she was like one or two or something else very small. Our families went to church together and I took piano lessons from her dad and then we reconnected this year. She got involved through her brother who's been around Collin FOCUS for a while now. I love meeting with Selina because she is always such a light. She's clearly excited about God and loves other people and you can tell that she's got such a heart for his work. We're also doing FOJ and I enjoy every meeting.

Jasa and I are basically the same person in a lot of ways. We've also known each other for a while through mutual friends years ago, and we actually played on the same competitive frisbee team this summer. We're also both obsessed with country dancing and took our core on a field trip to go two stepping last week. I have a ton of fun meeting with her and I feel like we talk for a couple hours every time we hang out. She's such a genuine and open person who clearly cares about people and has strong biblical convictions. 

That's Maeve, our frisbee team from the summer and also the only picture I have with Jasa 
She's sixth from the right in the back row and I'm fourth from the right. 

Love you all. As always, thanks for the support and prayers. Hope God blesses your October! 


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