Reaching Out

God is really working here at UTD! 

There are two things we, as a community, wanted to put more effort into this year: outreach to non-Christians on campus, and service projects.

One of our service projects was a coordinated effort with a local church. Students from our ministry signed up to wash cars for single mothers. I was pretty convicted by this event because it was optional and I fully intended to sleep in that morning until a girl from my core last year asked me about it. It was pretty amazing how many students from our ministry volunteered to give up their Saturday morning serving in this way. I'm really proud of them and am learning to be more of a servant.

FOCUS students who came to serve at the car wash!

We had our regular outreach to the campus this month, but we dedicated special effort to a party on Halloween night. The goal was to get as many new people to hear about FOCUS, and hopefully have enough fun with us that they'll want to come back.  It was a huge success!! Between the students inviting their friends and random people hearing about it from our advertisements, we probably had 200 new people come get connected! And so many of them are planning to come back for one of our regular services. 

Most of the Dallas staff in our Marvel costumes 
Emily (Rocket the Raccoon), Amber (Star Lord), me (Gamora), Jesse (Thor), Rhett (The Hulk), Peter (Tony Stark), Drew (Captain America), Darby (Black Widow)

Everyone participating in the dance party!

On another note, my small group girls are still wonderful and meeting with them has been great. This month, we are studying through Colossians and this past week, we also put some effort into service projects. One of the girls in our group (Sandra), works at a hospital and helped coordinate an effort to put together craft bags for the kids in the hospital. 

My core girls with the craft bags we put together 
Wulan, me, Katherine, Kyla, Nathalie, Ada, Hannah and Sandra

I have two prayer requests for this month. One, please pray that the students we're reaching out to stay connected and learn to know God better. Two, please pray specifically for the girls in my small group. I can see so many areas that God is working in them, so please pray that they listen and grow.

Thank you all so much for the support and prayers!  Love you all!


  1. Wow I love the idea of doing a big Halloween party as an outreach event! Looks like it was both fun and successful (and you guys had great costumes!). I'm also really encouraged by the students who were motivated to serve the community through the car wash and the goodies for kids in the hospital. It is really so neat to see God changing people's hearts to be open and kind to people in need. Thanks for sharing Abbie!

    1. Thanks for always reading and commenting, Kelly! It's encouraging. 😊


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